Saturday, May 9, 2009

Why Blog?

Why a blog? Vanity plays a role I suppose - but so dies the desire to share what am thinking and noticing in the hope that I am not alone; that others are seeing and noticing the same things. Mourning and rejoicing just as I mourn and rejoice.

My husband and I are both converts, desiring to embrace our faith and share it. We are also newlyweds, facing all the struggles of older newlyweds who are trying to create normalcy in the completely un-normal reality of blended families. Our children face mixed signals, mixed values and have to walk an unfair path between their mother’s home and ours. It is a burden that no child should have to face; and yet it is not within my power to eliminate the struggle for them. They need our prayers and yours.

Add to all of that a culture that refuses to accept the basic truths that our ancestors regarded as inviolable just a generation or two ago. Everyday is a new day to try and find our footing; to try and follow a path once so clearly marked and now so eroded by the culture of death that it is far to easy to drift away if you give into cultural complacency.

In short – I want a place to say what I think, what I feel, my struggles and my gratitude. I hope I can find that place here. I figure that even if no one reads what I post I will have a least spoken my piece – and perhaps found some peace.

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